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When the People Lead, the Lawmakers will Follow.

Chose the letter that best represents your idea of sensible cannabis policies. Our pre-written letters are easy to edit and our system automatically identifies your lawmakers. Already written your representative? Use our site to learn about other ways to affect the conversation.

Medical Cannabis
Prohibition-colored glasses
Help your elected officials at the state and federal level understand that much of what they know about medical cannabis is colored by prohibition. By sending this letter supporting safe, legal access to medical cannabis, you help your representative begin to understand the truth about marijuana/cannabis. Take action! Then, tell a friend about what we're doing!

Decriminalize Possession
Save Millions, Improve Lives
Use this pre-written letter to let your elected state lawmakers know you support changing cannabis policies. This letter educates lawmakers on our low felony weight-limits and suggests we can save millions by recalibrating sentencing. Raising felony weight-limits and making possession a ticket-only offense is working to ease the burden on the criminal justice system in 14 states.Take action! Then, tell a friend about what we're doing!

Legalize Hemp
Hemp As A 21st Century Solution
Help Florida lawmakers learn the importance of adding industrial hemp to the list of agricultural crops Florida farmers can grow. A Florida hemp industry means jobs. Jobs cultivating hemp, processing the stalk, seed and curd as well as marketing, sales and distribution jobs. Teach your lawmaker the facts about hemp- start by editing our pre-written letter. Take action! Then, tell a friend about what we're doing!

End Cannabis Prohibition
Treat Cannabis like Wine
We want access to the best possible medicine, we want to ease the overcrowded courts and jails and we want adults to be free to use it responsibly. Ending cannabis prohibition allows us to create sensible cannabis policies, Share your thoughts about taxing, regulating and controlling cannabis with your lawmakers. Take action! Then, tell a friend about what we're doing!
Immediate Action
End the Prohibition of Cannabis
in Florida!
After the passage of the Federal Controlled Substances Act, drugs were place in groups called "schedules." Florida Law has placed cannabis in "Schedule 1". A substance in "Schedule 1" has a high potential for abuse and has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and its use under medical supervision does not meet accepted safety standards -

A little know statute calls upon the Florida Attorney General to change the Scheduling of a substance when from time-to-time, scientific evidence warrants such a change.

After the passage of medical cannabis laws in 17 states and thousands of published studies proving it to be a safe and effective medicine join us in calling upon Attorney General Bondi to let science be heard and reschedule cannabis immediately!
Nat'l Cancer Institute recognizes
cannabis benefits
The National Cancer Institute recognizes cannabis as a palliative remedy. This is the first government agency to recognize cannabis health benefits. Inform your legislative representatives with this letter.
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AG Bondi can Reschedule Cannabis Today
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