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A press release is created and distributed to inform media personnel about your news worthy event. Self- promotion plays a big part in the success of any business. Publicity generated by press releases is free, and often the coverage is far more extensive than anything you could have hoped to say in an ad.

The objective of your Press Release is to grab the reporter's interest and get them to not only attend the event but also publish a story about it. Do some research to know what reporters cover your subject matter and send the release directly to them.
For years, the press has had the empty 'Just Say No' answer shoved down their throats and ARE hungry to hear from the drug policy reform side. Most already know the truth and will jump at any chance to present it to the public.

Steps for writing your press release

1. Decide why you are writing a press release and determine your focus - keep it short and to the point.

2. Print the words "For Immediate Release: in the top left margin in all capital letters. Follow this by relevant contact information.

3. Make your headline bold and center it just about the first line of the body of release
4. Create a 'dateline' in the first line of your release include the city, state and the date the release was generated (Los Angeles, CA - January 1, 2007).

5. Use Pyramid style writing to catch the reader's attention.

6. Use tantalizing headings and details to spark curiosity.

7. Wrap up the last paragraph with a "For more information" line, then list the organization, web address and contacts.

8. Center these marks "###" or "-99- at the bottom of the page to indicate the end of your release

Writing an Effective Press Release
Sample Press Release