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Real Reform Act is brought to you by FL CAN.
Our mission is to provide a forum for people to speak out on issues of national importance.
PO Box 360653 ~ Melbourne, FL 32935 ~ 321-253-3673
Across the United States people are using the Internet to create borderless communities. Together with friends and family, we can stand together to make a difference in people's lives, even if we are miles apart. Let the chains that bind us be bonds of love not chains of oppression.
The framers of our country envisioned a process where ordinary members of the community would serve as elected officials at great sacrifice to themselves. A system by which the people who lived in the community could be represented by someone who had their best interest at heart. A system that gave members of the community a voice in the affairs of government.
The Signers of the Declaration of Independence did so at great personal risk. We honor that sacrifice by assuring our elected officials hear from us on the important issues of the day.